Bellona Table & Glenview Chair - 7pce Setting
Bellona Table & Glenview Chair - 7pce Setting
Bellona Table & Glenview Chair - 7pce Setting
Bellona Table & Glenview Chair - 7pce Setting

Bellona Table & Glenview Chair - 7pce Setting

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The Belmont and Glenview  Dining setting has been crafted with a combination of durable and complementary materials. Handwoven all weather HDPE wicker chairs and honey-toned teak combine to create a setting which is both durable and stylish. 


CHAIR: W64 D77 H83 SH48
TABLE: L210 W100 H76

Salvaged from Indonesia, in a zero waste facility. This means no trees were cut down to make this piece.

  • 100% sustainable: Teak is salvaged from structures that would have been demolished, then refined and repurposed into beautiful furniture.
  • Renowned for its durability: Teak is one of the world’s strongest hardwoods, performing exceptionally well in wet and rainy climates. Its high natural oil content and tight wood grain prevent warping or cracking. With proper maintenance, teak outdoor furniture can last a lifetime and beyond.
  • Resistant to rot and termites: Teak's durability extends to its resistance against rot and termite damage. Natural oils repel insects and moisture, preserving the integrity of the wood.
  • Low maintenance: Teak outdoor furniture requires minimal upkeep even when left uncovered. As teak weathers, it turns into a beautiful silvery grey, needing only occasional brushing and cleaning. For those who prefer to maintain the original honey brown tones, light sanding and the application of Golden Care protector or teak outdoor furniture oil are recommended. Using a teak cleaner is an effective way to prevent greying over time. Simply use water and a soft-medium bristle brush, scrubbing with the grain.
  • Natural beauty: Teak's naturally beautiful appearance features a tight, typically straight grain with varying textures. The golden honey brown tones of freshly cut timber are appealing, and its ability to age gracefully adds to the aesthetics of any outdoor space.
  • Aluminium is the perfect material for all weather outdoor furniture. Aluminium is naturally moisture and corrosion resistant that can easily withstand different weather conditions, it will not rust (as will steel) it is light & manoeuvrable (steel is not) and is very strong.  It’s durability and longevity simply have no match. 
  • Maintenance: easily maintained & for areas that are exposed to salty air (seafront) we suggest washing occasionally using a boat wash & wash to remove built up salt settling into the nook & crannies and the wax building up a protective layer to prevent salt corrosion.

Unlike natural rattan, Polypropylene twisted wicker (synthetic rattan) can withstand many harsh outdoor elements, such as rain, UV light, heat, humidity and moisture making it the preferred choice for outdoor furniture.

  • Polypropylene is known for its durability, resistance to UV rays and ability to withstand moisture, salt spray and other stresses from the environment.
  • Quality outdoor polypropylene wicker furniture is preferred for its longevity and with proper care and; maintenance, 
  •  Eco – friendly, safe and; 100% recyclable.
  • 7 Day Delivery Guarantee on all instock items


Comfortable, functional and quality outdoor furniture, hand-picked to embrace the relaxed Australian lifestyle.

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